Incredibly professional and gave us only the best during the whole night! Super accomodating band! 

-Akademikliniken, Malmö (opening party).

Who are we?

Grafit consists of three musicians

Christoffer Modig


Linn Thelandersson


Per Nilsson


We're not like the rest

Grafit is a trio based in Malmö, Sweden. We have focused our sound towards both the sensitive and the confident, the soft and the hard, the traditional and the innovative. We let creativity come first and let our music speak for us. We are three musicians that complete each other, each of us holding our own with highly individual characteristics. We are dedicating our lives for music and performing it to You.

So why hire us?

Don't worry.

We are never late for gigs and have our own ecquipment.

We will take care of everything, all you have to do is show us where to stand.

Highly educated musicians

There are not a lot of groups out there that have the same educational resumee that we do.

This guarantees musical quality.

Experience does it. 

For us it's important to show that musicians are serious in their work. That's why we work very hard to make our clients happy and will stop at nothing trying to achieve exactly that.

Profil för Grafit på :  Grafit - en professionell trio med en massa spelglädje!

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