Let us make your event a great one!

Professional and serious

DinDuo - we are two university educated musicians who love to put music first and are passionate about making our clients happy . Your event is a channel where we can do the thing we love the most.

Our repertoir consists of jazz, pop and blues - but also some occasional soul and rock. We are flexible and always pay attention to our clients needs!

What jobs?

Our keyword is flexibility


We love to helt make your wedding day special with some live music! It's a common thing to have a duo play background music, stage music or dancing music for the guests. 


If you need a duo to welcome your party guests then we're exactly what you need! Maybe you would like us to be the main event? Whatever you need, we got you.

Company events

We do a lot of gigs at different companies. Playing at an opening or ceremony is an easy and popular feature that will surprise the guests! 

Pubs & Restaurants

It's nice to be able to enjoy som live music while you are eating or having a drink. Maybe even sing a long a bit?

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