Music has always been a part of me.

Ever since childhood I've been hearing music inside my head, circling around - day and night. My parents kept several different instruments at home which peaked my curiosity and made me fall in love with playing the piano. 

After graduating upper secondary school and having played and practiced the piano a lot, something else caught my eye (or ear) - and certainly got me intrigued. I heard Ella Fitzgerald performing on a CD and I was caught. Me singing had never really seemed for real, but now I had to give it my full attention.

This led me to studying jazz singing at two "Folkhögskolor", firstly at Sommenbygden for 2 years, and then at Skurup for another 2. These years were absolutely wonderful, I learned so much, met so many great musicians and friends and really discovered what my voice could do. During this time I had the opportunity to be a part of several interesting projects, including big bands, jazz competitions and bands in other genres. 

Later, I studied att Malmö Academy of Music for five years, where I got my teachers degree in music and singing. Looks like I had found my way! Today I freelance as a musician, and vocal teacher, while giving some extra attention to my artist alias "LiNN". This is a project created entirely out of my love for writing and producing music, and with me I have Johannes Hansson, music producer and bass player. Together, we write the music that we've always wanted to, and I can't wait for you to hear it.